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Social Market Analytics
The market leader in sentiment data across equities and alternative asset classes.

Sentiment is the leading indicator of cryptocurrency price movement.

In exclusive partnership with The TIE, Social Market Analytics parses through 850,000,000 tweets every day using proprietary machine learning and natural language processing technology to derive sentiment on cryptocurrencies.

Learn about the power of The TIE's sentiment data and the patented data collection, cleaning, and scoring process that drives it. Check out our articles and research reports below.

Our Real-time 24/7 Sentiment Scoring Process

Step 1

Raw Materials

Leveraging access to the Twitter Firehose (the full real-time stream of every tweet sent over the Twitter platform), Social Market Analytics (SMA) ingests more than 850,000,000 daily tweets.

Step 2


Each tweet is scanned individually to extract tweets related to particular cryptocurrencies. For example, a tweet mentioning LTC, LTC.X or Litecoin would be bucketed into a group of tweets on Litecoin. Using patented technology SMA is able to combat problems related to overlapping tickers across asset classes. For example, identifying whether an ETH tweet is on Ethereum or Ethan Allen, the publicly traded furniture company.

Step 3


A filter is used to assess the relevance of the data and to remove spam. Accounts are reviewed and bots are removed.

After the evaluation process has been completed over 90% of tweets on a particular cryptocurrency are filtered out of the stream.

Proprietary algorithms are used to identify and rate professional investors and traders.

Step 4


Each word in each tweet is individually scored using SMA’s proprietary natural language processor using machine learning technology developed over the last 7 years. The scores of each word are aggregated and each individual tweet is given a score.

Step 5

Actionable Data

SMA produces raw sentiment scores which The TIE converts into actionable insights for cryptocurrency traders.

Among those insights are daily sentiment scores which measures the total sentiment of a coin today vs. that coin's 30 day moving average sentiment score.

Sentiment is measured on a per coin basis to ensure that scores reflect how positive or negative conversations on Twitter are for a particular coin relative to itself on other days. This helps remove bias of one coin generally having more positive or negative conversations than another.

The entire sentiment scoring process is done in less than 1/3rd of a second and scores are updated on The TIE every minute.

You can read about the definitions of all of our metrics here.