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Enhancing Cryptocurrency Technical Charting with Predictive Sentiment Indicators

There’s good reason TradingView is one of the most popular charting interfaces: it has the most common technical indicators and drawing tools, combined in a slick user interface. You can overlay several signals, separate them into panels, and easily share snapshots of your charts, among many other great features.

In order to create the most comprehensive trading experience, incorporating TradingView was a must for Giving access to the best charting tools is a good first step, but it wasn’t quite good enough.

The TIE proprietary data

Beyond technical and fundamental data, The TIE is built on proprietary sentiment data that helps complete the picture around why coins are moving and provides unique and actionable trading signals. Some examples: daily & long-term sentiment, tweet volume, relative trading volume, market cap dominance, price projections, and valuation metrics such as NVT Ratios. You can read more about The TIE’s proprietary sentiment data and how you can use it to outperform the market here.

The TIE is the first platform to customize the TradingView integration by integrating alternative data, which expands the charting beyond indicators that are based on just price and volume.

The TIE + TradingView

Valuable trading signals often come from unique combinations of indicators, and for the first time you can easily chart technical, fundamental, and sentiment-driven indicators next to each other.

This brings trade setup to the next level, and The TIE is becoming the one stop shop for cryptocurrency traders.

TradingView Integration on the Bitcoin page on

On top of the technical indicators TradingView already offers, The TIE has added the ability to chart over a dozen custom indicators. The chart below has daily sentiment, price, volume, tweet volume, and MACD, as an example.

Custom TradingView Integration on The TIE. Daily Sentiment, price, tweet volume, trading volume, and MACD all in the same chart.

Enter full screen mode for a fully immersive experience. Unlock all of the drawing tools TradingView offers and create powerful signal combinations that you can’t find anywhere else in crypto. Save your favorite indicators and share your chart setups and strategies with friends.

Full screen TradingView custom charting on The TIE

Combining sentiment with technicals is just the beginning. On-chain data will also be coming to The TIE’s charting platform. Get ready for the most comprehensive trading experience in crypto, with a focus on actionable insights and alternative data.