Cryptocurrency portfolios built on sentiment.

In an asset class void of traditional fundamental data, sentiment is the most significant driver of cryptocurrency price movement. Now you can copy our algorithmic trading strategies powered by the wisdom of the crowd.

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The TIE/eToro CopyPortfolios

Leveraging the wisdom of the crowd and the powerful sentiment analytics developed by Social Market Analytics and The TIE, the portfolio has achieved significant historical outperformance* and is algorithmically rebalanced once per month.

The strategy allocates to cryptocurrencies with conversations that are becoming increasingly positive on social media. Once the number of people discussing a particular coin has dramatically increased, the signal is no longer valid and the position is exited. All rebalancing is done algorithmically using advanced machine learning techniques, and no human intervention is used in the trading process.

*Note: Past performance is not an indicator of future returns. Results are from simulated backtests conducted by eToro.

Sentiment is the Leading Indicator of Cryptocurrency Price Movement

In exclusive partnership with The TIE, Social Market Analytics parses through 850,000,000 tweets every day using proprietary machine learning and natural language processing technology to derive sentiment on cryptocurrencies.

Learn about the power of The TIE's sentiment data and the patented data collection, cleaning, and scoring process that drives it. Check out our articles and research reports here.

Available CopyPortfolios

Long-Short Coming Soon
The TIE’s Long-Short CopyPortfolio allocates 75% to long positions and 25% to short positions, enabling our algorithms to take advantage of both positive and negative market moving events.
The TIE’s Long-Only CopyPortfolio is a bullish sentiment-driven strategy that allocates exclusively to long positions with a minimum of three holdings. Since October 2017, The TIE’s Long-Only CopyPortfolio has achieved an annualized return 3.24x higher compared to an equally weighted basket of the same underlying assets.
Market-Neutral Coming Soon
The TIE’s Market-Neutral CopyPortfolio purchases and shorts cryptocurrencies in equal proportions (50% long and 50% short) to capture sentiment-derived alpha. Since October 2017 The TIE’s Market Neutral CopyPortfolio has achieved above market returns with significantly reduced risk.

Strategy Decks

The TIE & eToro Market-Neutral Deck (Coming Soon) ➝
The TIE & eToro Long-Short Deck (Coming Soon) ➝

Harness the power of social sentiment.