Crypto SigDev™ Terminal is the fastest and most comprehensive platform for monitoring the rapidly changing and global cryptocurrency market. SigDev helps the leading cryptocurrency publications, hedge funds, exchanges, token issuers, research firms, and market participants track the most critical developments in the space.

With SigDev, clients can receive real-time feeds on the most significant market-moving events including exchange listings, crypto-related SEC filings, court cases, partnerships, regulatory rulings, central bank announcements, and M&A activity.

Features and Benefits

Customizable: Select from over a dozen parameters including source or publication type, language, relevant asset, and type of significant development.

Intelligent: Our NLP engine solves for complex language processing issues, assessing relevancy of headlines and removing up to 99% of irrelevant headlines.

Comprehensive: The TIE's Crypto SigDev™ analyzes mainstream, cryptocurrency, financial, and other publications to identify relevant headlines. In addition, the feed also sources from notable Twitter accounts and individual outreach mechanisms of cryptocurrency foundations themselves including Mediums and blogs. Coverage includes both English and Chinese headlines.

Optimized: Our feed was created exclusively for cryptocurrency. We have developed a comprehensive set of relevant significant developments and corporate actions for crypto. Ex: a hard fork is somewhat akin to a dividend. But we also understand that some significant developments within crypto don't have comparable within the equity market such as 51% attacks — we also account for these.

Fast: While cryptocurrencies are a global phenomenon, it often takes time for news to travel from East to West and vice versa. That is why we built our significant developments engine to ingest headlines in both English and Chinese. For the first time investors can get a comprehensive view of what is occurring in the market and be the first to know of any relevant market moving events, regardless of their location or language.

Content Coverage

Asset Coverage

Our Crypto SigDev™ feed currently covers 100 of the largest cryptocurrencies, exchanges, custodians, and more. Our focus is on depth and accuracy in topic modeling, rather than breadth of asset coverage. Individual assets can be added on request.

Event Coverage

Token Burns
51% Attacks
Exchange Listings
Funding Rounds
Mergers and Acquisitions
Employment Changes
Regulatory Rulings
and more.

Product Offerings

Crypto SigDev™ Terminal

A comprehensive dashboard for tracking corporate actions and significant developments for digital assets.

Delivery Mechanism Dashboard
Publishing Frequency Event-Based

Crypto SigDev™ API

The fastest way to stay informed about the most significant market moving events within cryptocurrency. Developed for quantitative modeling, discretionary event-driven investing, risk monitoring, and more.

Delivery Mechanism REST API
Publishing Frequency Varies
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