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Sentiment FAQs
What is sentiment?

Sentiment is a quantified representation of investor intentions expressed on Twitter. The sentiment only takes into account sources that are deemed credible and removes any noise that comes from spam accounts. The filtered stream provides a sentiment score that has predictive power over the price.

Leveraging access to the entire live Twitter feed, the Twitter Firehose; sentiment is calculated in a patented three step process: extraction, evaluation and calculation. The Twitter firehose is scanned to extract all tweets relevant to an entity. The tweets are tagged with a sentiment from a natural language processor that uses machine learning techniques to identify sentiment as it is related to finance. The source of tweets is evaluated and all duplicate and spam content is removed. The filtered stream is aggregated to calculate a quantifiable sentiment. All of this is done in less than 1/3rd of a second.

How do you calculate sentiment (and all of the accompanying sentiment metrics)?

Our sentiment engine reads all messages from the full Twitter feed; Twitter Firehose, for 280+ cryptocurrencies. Each Tweet is evaluated on the validity of the Account and Tweet. Accounts are evaluated based on their historical Tweets. Scores are assigned based on a number of attributes. Accounts with a significantly high credibility score are used in calculating sentiment metrics.

Each tweet is scored from -1 to 1 based on a multi-pass phrase evaluation approach. These scores are then aggregated over lookback periods of 60 minutes and 24 hours. To create short-term sentiment and long-term sentiment, aggregated scores are normalized against baselines of 24 hours or 20 days, respectively, for each cryptocurrency. Short-Term Sentiment and Long-Term Sentiment measure the deviation of change in sentiment intensity of a given cryptocurrency.

These scores answer the question, “Is the conversation on Twitter about a particular cryptocurrency more positive or negative than normal?” High levels of sentiment indicate a stronger reaction. Very high sentiment indicates a statistically higher chance of a given cryptocurrency’s price moving higher. Very low sentiment indicates a statically higher chance of a given cryptocurrency’s price moving lower.

Do you take into consideration the individual who is tweeting when you calculate sentiment?

Yes. Each source is evaluated for credibility based on a machine learning process that uses a feature set of source attribute. Only tweets from sources that pass the spam filter are included in calculation for sentiment.

Why do you use Twitter to calculate sentiment?

Twitter is a global platform with 800 million tweets from around the world where people come together to express their opinions in 140 to 280 characters. The conciseness of the micro blog ensures that correct information is conveyed most efficiently. We have evidence that shows that when we use our patented algorithms to remove noise, the sentiment signal has predictive power.

Leveraging our sentiment engine, The TIE is able to pick up those instances in which extremely positive or negative conversations are occurring around a particular cryptocurrency. On many occurrences, that negative or positive conversation is driven by news, which breaks on Twitter first.

Is sentiment predictive of price movements? What is the correlation between cryptos sentiment and price?

Sentiment is predictive of price movements. Our research shows evidence of that. The correlation between sentiment and price is positive. The exact correlation differs from crypto to crypto. But our strategies such as the TIE 20 index show that a significant value of sentiment leads price movements.

How do you deal with bots? Could someone create fake accounts and mess with your algorithms?

Not all bots are bad. We have a Machine Learning algorithm that tags each account based on a combination of features. All accounts get flagged for being bot or human. But not every bot is excluded based on that one criteria. Our algorithms do not include all accounts by default for calculating sentiment. They are evaluated first by our rating process and then included based on their credibility score.Sentiment is predictive of price movements. Our research shows evidence of that. The correlation between sentiment and price is positive. The exact correlation differs from crypto to crypto. But our strategies such as the TIE 20 index show that a significant value of sentiment leads price movements.

How do you handle pump and dumps?

Our Account Rating algorithm excludes any accounts that are marked as spam from being included in our sentiment calculation. However, we also have checks in place to flag abnormal behavior for approved accounts. When an account starts tweeting abnormally, such as extremely high sentiment followed by extremely low sentiment, it is flagged and blocked.

How do you calculate your 1hr price projections? What percentage of the time are they accurate?

The 1hr price projection uses sentiment, Twitter volume, and price volatility. It constructs a baseline sentiment and volume level for each crypto, then compares the recent conversation to that level and then makes a projection which is scaled by the cryptos volatility and return characteristics. The 1hr price projection range is created using 90% confidence intervals, and is accurate between 86-95% of the time depending on the coin.

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