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In an asset class void of traditional fundamentals, both sentiment and corporate actions are the primary drivers of asset movement. Leverage our solutions to make decisions with conviction.

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Corporate Actions / Significant Developments
Sentiment Analytics
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Corporate Actions / Significant Developments API

Our SigDev feed is the only way to identify the most notable cryptocurrency events and actions in real time. Crawling hundreds of unique English and Chinese sources, our SigDev feed buckets each headline by cryptocurrency solving for complex language processing issues. After headlines are bucketed by coin, each word is individually scored and relevancy is assessed. Notable headlines are grouped for specific Significant Developments including Forks, Token Burns, Partnerships, Regulatory Rulings, and more.

Sources are individually scored for legitimacy and our neural networks are trained to help eliminate redundant and irrelevant information.

A Wide Spectrum of Use Cases


Quantitative Funds

OTC/Lending Desks


Asset/Portfolio Managers

Hedge Funds

Venture Funds


Regulatory Bodies

Legal Firms





Data Sites

News Sites

Research Firms

Sell-side Analysts


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Trust, Transparency, and Accountability

Since inception, we have committed to a strict ethics policy ensuring our independence and the integrity of our data and offerings. Each employee and significant shareholder is required to abide by a firm set of principles and professional conduct policies.

In an industry rampant with misinformation, scams, and dishonest conduct, it is critical to operate in a transparent manner with clear ethical guidelines. Earning and maintaining trust will always be at the core of our mission.

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